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Tourism Product Development Workshop Presentation

Presentation on January 23, 2017 as part of Tourism Day at the Capitol: 

“How Tourism Product Development Can Boost Your Economy” 

It is important to learn about how tourism benefits our economy by creating jobs, attracting businesses, enhancing quality of life, advancing education and inspiring creativity.  In this course, you will have the opportunity to better assess and understand the implications of local policy decisions relevant to tourism relating to different tourism products:  heritage & cultural, film, downtown development, the arts, agritourism and ecotourism by considering the types of assets that potentially exist in your community and the resources available to identify and market those assets.  This course will feature class discussions about what tourism professionals can do to create a cohesive community brand working with local leadership and tourism partners; policies that support tourism; and best practices from around the state. Presentations of real-life success stories will enhance your learning experience and help you think about ways to build community capacity through tourism! 
- Cindy Eidson, GDEcD - Director of Tourism Product Development
- Chris Cannon, GDEcD - Assistant Director of Tourism Product Development
- Carolyn McKinley, Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce - President
- Rebecca McWilliam, Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau - Director
- Rebekah Snider, GDEcD - Tourism Project Manager, Historic Heartland
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