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Douglasville Recommendations

Lean on the Arts as a solution to promote unique experiences!​ Master plan the downtown with dining/lodging, retail and ambience​. Promote outdoor adventure with land/water trail options that connect Sweetwater Creek State Park, Boundary Waters, Chattahoochee RiverLands launch sites, Campbellton to the parks and neighborhoods of the city. Preserve cultural heritage through festivals and storytelling​. Explore ideas for unique lodging and experiences​ like yurts, glamping, and second story lodging downtown. Sample itinerary: Find an airbnb in the Tributary neighborhood and hike the connector trail to Sweetwater Creek State Park for an afternoon of exploring outside. Upon return grab refreshments in the Village. On day 2, visit the in-town dog park and butterfly gardens as you make your way park hopping in town. Dinner al fresco at Gabe's overlooking the amphitheatre complex will give you time to plan an outdoor music show for Sunday afternoon. Don't miss the Cultural Arts Center exhibits and if you are a mountain biker, before you head to Clinton NP, see if the new trails at Dog River Reservoir have opened.

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