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Greensboro Recommendations

Lean on the arts as a solution to promote unique experiences. Bolster downtown with a café, distillery, speakeasy, art park & tours! Seek incentives and partnerships as you preserve historic sites. Know that attractions with storytelling intrigue cultural heritage enthusiasts. Embrace the lodging trends of wellness and offer these experiences to the visitor!

Sample itinerary: walk the sidewalks from a lovely heritage B&B site into town for a performance at festival hall or start tasting your way through the whiskey and redemption tour of in-town churches. Be sure to find yourself on the porch at Ripe Thing for a hearty lunch choosing from 8 soups daily and more. Finish off the day at Oconee Brewing out back on their rustic brick patio, perhaps with live music when that returns. Hop on your bike on day two and head north to the Firefly Trail which ends in Union Point but will hopefully connect to Greensboro soon. Currently if offers stretches of a 39-mile path northeast towards Athens. Ride and out & back and you've earned a hearty meal and a slice of buttermilk pie at Yesterday's Cafe.

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