Consumer Travel Insights: Traveller Journey Overview Report

The Consumer Travel Insights Traveller Journey Overview Report from STR, Inc. uses survey data collected in October 2018 to evaluate recent trends in international holidays. This is an overview of the full analysis, containing a traveller profile and insights about travel planning, booking trends, activities, and motivations. The full report and report segments are available here.  "The global travel industry continues to grow and transform as destinations expand and new technologies facilitate different approaches to travel. We have already seen impressive growth in tourism arrivals in 2018 with a 6% increase between January and June, according to the World Tourism Organisation. That growth path, therefore, looks set to eclipse the 5% projection made for 2018 by the UNWTO... Based on independent primary research conducted in 2018, we examined each stage of [the traveller] journey — planning, booking, budgeting, and how technology and travel brands interact with travelling. This report series provides actionable intelligence to inform and drive tourism planning and decision making."   The Consumer Travel Insights Traveller Journey Overview Report is for internal use only by Georgia Tourism Partners. Republication or other re-use of this report without the express written permission of STR is strictly prohibited, and any use of the information detailed in the report must be credited to STR Inc. 

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