Research Calendar

Preliminary Tourism Economic Impact Estimates

Highlights: Projected total economic impact (output), Jobs supported, Tax revenues generated, Household tax relief [State Level]

Expected May


International Visitor Profile and International Travel Summary Sheet

Highlights: Visitor volume and total spending by country/region; Trip purpose, length, and activities; Market mix and market optimization analysis [State Level]

Expected August/September


Tourism Sentiment Index

Highlights: Tourism sentiment score, Place sentiment score, Conversation volume; Comparative set and Asset category analysis [State Level]

Expected August/September


Domestic Visitor Profiles and Domestic Travel Summary Sheets

Highlights: Visitor volume and per-person spending; Visitor origin markets and demographics; Trip purpose, length, timing, and activities [State and Regional Level]

Expected September/October


Travel Economic Impact on Georgia State, Counties and Regions

Highlights: Expenditures, Jobs supported, Payroll, Tax revenues generated; Industry sector breakdowns as applicable; Direct impact only [State, Regional, and County Level]

Expected November


Tourism Satellite Account

Highlights: Expenditures, Total economic impact (output), Value added (GDP), Jobs supported, Payroll, Tax revenues generated; industry sector breakdowns as applicable; Direct, Indirect and Induced impact [State Level]

Expected November


County Economic Impact Sheets

Highlights: Visitor spending, Tax revenues generated, Jobs supported, Payroll, Household tax relief, Unemployment impact [County Level]

Expected December/January


Georgia Tourism by the Numbers Sheet

Domestic and international visitor volume and spending; Total tourism economic impact (output); Tax revenues generated; Household tax relief; Jobs supported; Unemployment impact; Tourism sentiment score; Grants awarded [State Level]

Expected December/January

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