Social Media Advertising

Explore Georgia has one of the strongest social media followings among state DMOs.

On Instagram, @ExploreGeorgia is the seventh most followed state DMO account in the U.S. Each quarter, social metrics continue to exceed growth and engagement industry benchmarks. Activity across @ExploreGeorgia platforms also drives website sessions and conversions, supporting Reach our engaged audience of inspired travelers with your content, drive traffic to your site, and navigate visitors to your location, attraction, or event.

Digital Advertising Contact

Miles Partnership serves as the digital sales partner for Explore Georgia's owned media properties. Contact Miles with questions on any digital opportunities or to reserve your space.

Carly Stedman Norosky
Travel Media and Marketing Executive
Miles Partnership
(202) 681-8169

Sponsored Social Media Posts

Take advantage of the reach on Explore Georgia’s social media channels. Showcase your destination and increase awareness through partner social posts: Facebook + Instagram combo post, a Facebook-only post or an Instagram-only Story post.

Participation is limited to one time per quarter, and excludes consecutive-month purchases.

social media sponsored post

Frequency: Two (2X) sponsored social media posts available per month.

Pricing: All costs include the development and production of partner social content.

  • Facebook + Instagram In-feed posts: $1,000 per post
  • Facebook In-feed only: $650 per post
  • Instagram Story only: $650 per Story

Specs: Content is written by Miles Partnership using partner-provided content to align with the Explore Georgia brand. Content provided by the partner should NOT be overly promotional, use stock photography, or include a logo.

  • Photography
    • Maximum file size: 4MB
    • Instagram: 1080x1350; 1080x1080, if square
    • Facebook: 1200x630
  • Click-thru URL/landing page link
  • Send all materials to Ally Drees at four weeks prior to confirmed publish date.
  • Content development is limited to two rounds of proofing.

Explore Georgia reserves the right to cancel any scheduled social post for a full refund to partner should circumstances warrant going dark or limiting messaging on social, e.g., travel restrictions or due to natural disaster.

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