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Looking Ahead to 2024

The 2024 Explore Georgia Official State Travel Guide will encourage travel to all corners of the state — from beloved mainstays to hidden gems. From cover to cover, the visitor needs are at the forefront, with all content driven by traveler sentiment and visitor data. Following on the updates made to the 2023 Travel Guide, the ‘24 guide will maintain the following:

  • Thoughtful, inspirational feature stories featuring large, vibrant photography
  • Clean, consistent layout
  • Edit adjacency for ads
  • Sponsored content sections for advertisers
  • 750,000 circulation

Explore Georgia is always learning and optimizing, so based on visitor feedback, the 2024 will also include the following changes:

  • Upgraded paper stock for the cover
  • Improved printing and typography for better legibility

Inspirational content will include:

  • 12 Best Trips: Next year’s must-do experiences
  • Seasonal Travel: Highlighting the very best Georgia has to offer in fall, winter, spring, and summer
  • Tripadvisor Reviews: Real ratings of top Georgia attractions
  • Small Towns: Family getaways in five of Georgia’s charming small towns
  • Destination Itineraries: From beaches to mountains, cities to small towns
  • Wellness Getaways: Getaways across the state perfect for self-care
  • Hidden Gems: Discover surprising destinations across the Peach State
  • Jimmy Carter Roadtrip: Spotlighting Georgia places significant to the 39th President of the United States

Beyond the Book

In conjunction with the printed piece, a digital version of the travel guide will be available on the Explore Georgia website offering readers the opportunity to directly engage with partner ads. In addition, video elements will complement the guide's editorial content throughout

Distribution Overview

In-Market Timing

The 2024 Explore Georgia Official State Travel Guide will be available to visitors and Georgia tourism partners in December 2023. We know the holiday season can be a key time for travel planning, so visitors will have a new guide for the 2023 holiday travel season and through the full 12 months of 2024.

Distribution Outlets

  • Direct requests on 50,632 travel guide orders and 45,419 online travel guide views in 2022
  • Explore Georgia Visitor Information Centers (VICs): nine locations throughout the state, including new kiosks to capture after-hours visitors at the VICs
  • Tourism partners across the state including local CVBs & Chambers of Commerce,  Georgia State Parks & Lodges, and attractions including Georgia Mountain Fair & Fairgrounds
  • In partnership with the Georgia Tourism Foundation Board of Directors, Explore Georgia has and will continue to work to enlist several private-sector partners in an enhanced distribution strategy that will get the guide into the hands of proven travelers. Confirmed for 2024 Travel Guide distribution: Georgia Aquarium & LakePoint Sports

Advertising Rates & Deadlines

There are two ways to advertise in the 2024 Guide: One, you can work with the Miles team on editorial and design of custom sponsored content pages (included in advertising cost). Two, you can supply your own display ads, available in full-page or two-page spread sizes. Either way, you can ensure an impactful spot in this guide.

Sponsored Content examples
In-Book & Digital Guide Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content

  • 2-Page Spread: $36,000*

*Limited to 2-Page spreads, though multiple spreads may be purchased and/or can be shared among a group of advertisers. 

Premium & Run-of-Book Display Ads

  • Back Cover; $30,975
  • Insider Front Cover: $25,750
  • Inside Back Cover: $24,700
  • Opposite Table of Contents: $20,595
  • 2-page Spread: $36,000
  • Full Page: $18,975

Advertising Deadlines

  • Space Close: October 5th (Sponsored Content) & October 12th (Display)

For more information, contact: Carly Stedman Norosky - Travel Media & Marketing Executive, (202) 681-8169 or your Explore Georgia Regional Marketing Manager.

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